Raise funds to show the strong commitment we have as a socially responsible company with the communities where we operate through community action programs in vulnerable sectors of society.

Dolphin Discovery will donate all of the funds from the interactive programs carried out on Saturday 29th of April, 2017, from its 9 habitats abroad:

Tortola - Anguilla - Cayman - Saint Kitts - Punta Cana
Ocho Rios - Montego Bay - Dolphin Cove Cayman - Gulf Wolrd Panama City

How will we do it?


Burns are one of the most common injuries in the home.

The average annual number of people burned is 128,000. 30% are children between 1 and 4 years of age. 10% of them require hospitalization.

In Mexico, very few hospitals have doctors and sufficient or specialized resources to care for these type of patients.

Michou and Mau Foundation


  • Established on April 23, 1998 in Mexico City, with a delegation in the city of Cancun, Q.Roo.
  • More than 1740 children transferred to specialized hospitals for emergency medical care.
  • More than 12,000 children aided from aftereffects.


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) limits social interaction as well as the flexibility of thinking and behavior.

It has been shown that children with autism are able to establish bonds with dolphins, something very difficult to achieve when interacting with humans.

The TEA manifests itself differently in each patient, therefore the needs are heterogeneous and individualized education is required.

The cost for education is high and many families in vulnerable situations do not have the necessary resources, leaving the child without the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Astra A.C.


  • Is funded in 1997 in Cancun, Q. Roo.
  • Provides personalized attention to children with autism and neurodiversity.
  • At present, 40 children with autism and their parents have benefited.
  • Specialized centers for the detection, diagnosis and evaluation of the development of children with autism.
  • Currently supports more than 40 girls with therapies.
  • The Astra scholarship fund subsidizes the treatment of children, thanks to the contribution of benefactors.

Jorge Alann A.C. Foundation


  • Is funded in 2011 in Cancun, Q. Roo.
  • Provides personalized attention to children with autism and neurodiversity.
  • Currently 40 children with autism and their parents have benefited.

Red Autismo A.C.


  • Is funded in 2008 in San Jose del Cabo, BCS.
  • Provides specialized care for children and adolescents with autism seeking the development of skills that will improve their quality of life and that of their family.
  • Currently serving 65 children in their therapy center.

Trascendiendo el Autismo A.C.


  • Is funded in November 5, 2012 in Zapopan, Jalisco.
  • Facilitate the integration, self-sufficiency and freedom of people with autism.
  • Students attend school hours from Monday to Friday and work in small groups with an adapted methodology and an individual work program where educational and therapeutic goals are developed.


Defending the environment is our duty, since it makes us a dynamic agent and thus we foster cooperation that will guarantee us a better future and a healthier country.

It is important to encourage children to respect nature, as it will motivate them to have a conscience and a need to protect and preserve it.

To make children aware of the importance of preserving and conserving beaches, seas, lagoons and oceans, as well as promoting a culture of respect for nature.

On the other hand, raise awareness in the community about the importance of responsible pet care.

Dolphin Saving Oceans


  • Conservation and preservation of beaches, seas, lagoons and oceans.
  • Environmental education activities in middle schools through our volunteer network.
  • Cleaning of beaches on a quarterly basis.

Amar es Cuidar


  • Make children and the community more aware of the importance of pet care.
  • To actively contribute to the reduction of stray dogs and cats through pet adoption and sterilization campaigns.
  • Tag campaign to avoid lost pets.